Tim Keaveney

Vice President of Sales

Tim’s experience uniquely qualifies him to help link HERO BX with traditional petroleum market segments. Over 25 years ago, Tim began his career at Coastal Refining and Marketing, Inc. specializing in petroleum wholesale sales to the heating oil and gasoline markets. Since then, he has held management positions at some of North America’s leading energy firms and served as a member of various industry groups, including the Pennsylvania Petroleum Association and as a Commissioner for the BQ 9000 National Biodiesel Accreditation Commission. Tim currently serves on The National Biodiesel Board (NBB) Governing Board and as NBB’s Chairman of the Regulatory Committee and sits on both the Finance and Political Action Committees. Over the past year, he has also served as an active participant on the National Biodiesel Board’s RVO Working Group, lobbying EPA for increased biomass-based diesel in the Renewable Fuel Standard.

No one knows biodiesel better than Tim Keaveney.

Born in Boston, Tim received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration & Marketing from Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts. Tim and his wife of 20 years Amy have three teenaged children. Tim enjoys deep sea fishing, blues guitar, long distance running, is an American Legion Baseball Coach and interestingly enough, spent two years as a staff photographer for the New England Patriots prior to beginning his biodiesel career.

“I consider our customers as business partners and friends. After 25 years in the biz, I know that providing excellent products and services combined with forging strong personal relationships translates into long-standing success.” ~ Tim Keaveney

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The HERO BX mission is to be a reliable producer and distributor of biodiesel that exceeds industry standards. HERO BX produces and delivers biodiesel, a cleaner burning renewable drop-in replacement for petroleum and heating oil applications. These products reduce carbon emissions, create jobs in the United States, promote energy security and serve the community.

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