Storage capacity: 40,000 gallons of biodiesel and fuel oil blending capability

Offering B2 through B100 Bioheat® products

Bottom and top truck loading capacity

Accessible 24/7

The HERO BX flagship biodiesel plant is equipped with Desmet Ballestra-designed continuous flow technology, the global leader in biodiesel technology with more than 90 plants to its credit worldwide.

HERO BX operations feature a proprietary filtration system, a pre-treatment facility and fatty acid stripper that together allow for utilization of multiple feedstocks, as economics and quality specifications dictate. The flexibility with regard to feedstock allows HERO BX to serve needs of clients more effectively than biodiesel plants with economics that are directly tied to price and availability of a single feedstock

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The HERO BX mission is to be a reliable producer and distributor of biodiesel which exceeds industry standards. HERO BX produces and delivers biodiesel, a cleaner burning renewable drop-in replacement for diesel and heating oil applications. These products reduce carbon emissions, create jobs in the United States, promote energy security and serve the community.

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