You can reduce carbon and support U.S. agriculture with zero heating system modifications

What is Bioheat?

Bioheat® is the industry’s official registered name for the fuel blend of ultra-low sulfur heating oil with renewable biodiesel. Biodiesel is produced from organic and recycled products (feedstocks) such as soybean oil, used cooking oils, inedible corn oil, canola, tallow, and fats. The blend is a clean-burning fuel used to heat your home.

Bioheat fuel has been thoroughly tested by the most prominent fuel research organizations in the world. Independent studies by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Southwest Research Institute, Brookhaven National Laboratory, and the US Department of Agriculture have shown that The American Society of Testing & Materials (ASTM) grade biodiesel can blend seamlessly in heating oil with even greater benefits to performance, human health, energy security, and global climate change.


The environmental benefits of Bioheat are significant. Bioheat is cleaner and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. When compared to petroleum fuel oil, Bioheat can reduce pollution by 50 percent. It’s one of the best carbon reduction fuels available.

Switching is EASY

You can experience all the benefits of Bioheat in your existing heating system without any modifications. It even works with your current oil tank. Bioheat can lubricate your heating system better than standard heating oil,

allowing your system to run smoother, and it may even last longer with less maintenance. Your whole family can stay safe, warm and comfortable all winter. Simply put, bioheat makes conventional heating oil better.


Cleaner, Safer & Better

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We’re an eco-friendly fuel technology company with a spotless record of quality. Hero BX is one of the largest producers of biodiesel in the Northeastern U.S.

Support U.S. Agriculture

Biodiesel is produced by domestically grown renewable resources and helps reduce our dependence on foreign oil. The biodiesel industry helps support over 62,000 jobs here in the United States. Jobs in agriculture, transportation, manufacturing and service are all part of this growing industry. For more information on Bioheat®, go to


The HERO BX mission is to be a reliable producer and distributor of biodiesel that exceeds industry standards. HERO BX produces and delivers biodiesel, a cleaner burning renewable drop-in replacement for petroleum and heating oil applications. These products reduce carbon emissions, create jobs in the United States, promote energy security and serve the community.

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