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Trust HERO BX for superior, competitively priced biodiesel.

“The world wants more energy, it has to get more supply. We have Biodiesel as the right fuel at the right time in history. New technology, large volume and assured quality. Now that combination is rare!”

           - Norman H Stark      Advisor, EMG


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Continuous-flow technology

Our Desmet Ballestra-designed continuous-flow technology represents the vanguard in industry processing methods.



One of Americas leading manufacturers of Biodiesel....

Our products provide fuel for the diesel engine, residential heating systems, and as ingredients in "green” industrial products.

HERO BX has been serving the worlds thirst for cleaner fuels since 2007 and anticipates strong future growth. Beginning in 2012, The United States will consume 1 billion gallons of biodiesel annually spurred by renewable fuel standards enacted by United States Environmental Protection Agency.

We are also a technology company, with scientific expertise in biodiesel refining which enables us to find better and more sustainable ways to produce diesel fuel that will enhance the lives of our children and the environment.

        - Timothy Keaveney       VP of Sales, HERO BX


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